Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So Now What?

Normally if I thought my dogs (or myself) had something going on, I would have done tons of research online first and come in for an appointment fully prepared. I had nothing on this one.
I told the doctor I would go home and just think about things for day.


At this point (Nov 28th) her tumour looked more like a slight "swelling" above her tooth on the right side of her face. You couldn't tell anything was going on inside that mouth by looking at her.

So maybe most people would be happy if their dog even lived a perfectly healthly life until 15 - but what makes me so mad is - Hannah would have lived until 20 without this STUPID MELANOMA. She is still the Hannah that I did agility with, who did TV commercials, silly tricks, and endless retrieving. She just sleeps a bit more.
So anyway - the long and short of Oral Melanoma in a 15 year old dog was not the best news. I did not think a mandibulectomy would be something I would put her through. Chemo and Radiation and Vaccine - not that effective without the surgery. I didn't even put her through a biopsy - because no matter what the results said, I still wasn't going to put her through surgery.
So instead - I took her rat hunting.