Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rat Hunting in Enigma, Georgia

Let me at 'em

So I had already planned to take Wyatt to a JRTCA trial Dec 4th and 5th. Jack Russells of all shapes and sizes basically just go nuts for 2 days. There are events like Go to Ground (finding rats in a maze), Racing, Brush Hunt (finding rats in some brush) and Lure Coursing. Jayne, my best friend, suggested I take Hannah too. At first I thought, well she will get too excited.
And then I thought - YEAH - she will get too excited.

So we packed up two Jack Russells and a Japanese Chin, and headed to Tifton for the weekend. (Thanks again Jayne)
We stopped about an hour into the trip, and checked on Hannah (zipped in her crate) She was a nervous wreck, shaking and miserable. I guess she thought she was going to the vet. At that moment I was so glad we were going to a dogshow, and not for surgery. Seeing her that upset, we thought we might just have to turn around and drive back once we got there. Boy we were wrong :)

We got to the the trial about 11am and racing was just finishing up. In Terrier racing, the dogs chase a lure down a long straightaway track about 6 at a time. That event was a bit too rough for Hannah - so we just planned to watch. She and Wyatt spent the next hour barking at the dogs who were racing. Not just barking "here and there", but one hour of solid barking. When the dogs would go by, they would both lunge at the end of their leashes, trying to race with the other dogs. We had to move out of view of the track every 15 minutes or so for a water break. It was awesome.

So Hannah retired from Agility and movies several years ago. Wyatt, the "young" JRT is my new show dog, competing in agility, doing a few acting gigs, and always bringing home the ribbons.  Hannah wiped the floor with Wyatt this weekend :) He was disqualifed from Go to Ground for cheating. He led the straight races - then stopped at the end to let the 5 dogs behind him to go first.  Hannah  kicked butt in Go-to-Ground in her usual all or nothing style, even moving up that day to harder and longer tunnels.  
Resting in the Sun

Back at the Hotel