Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comic Relief

Under the airplane seat in her bag
 So the week before I found out about Hannah's mouth, I got another dog.  Her name is Ren and she is a 1 1/2 year old Japanese Chin.  I have spent the past 15 years training my dogs to compete in something - and I picked this breed because I didn't want to train for competition anymore - just for fun.  I have spent alot of time with my dogs obsessing how straight they could sit at my side, & how quickly they could descend down a plank. I am ready for some parlour tricks.

Ren comes from  breeder in Chicago who decided to place her show dogs into pet homes for various reasons. Rather than ship her to Atlanta cargo, I flew up to Chicago to get her, and brought her back in the cabin. This picture is the first time I had really seen her - my first flight was delayed and I basically had to just grab her from the breeder (who met me at the airport) and literally run back to the plane.

The one thing that worried me a bit about getting her was how Hannah would get along with her - but Hannah really likes her.

She has fit into the pack just perfectly - and has been a great distraction for me. Although her clicker training sessions have been snuck in during the Hannah downtime, she has learned quite a few cute tricks. Maybe I should enter her in a pet trick contest... no -  wait.

So Ren is pretty funny.  First off, she had this "bag" I carry her around in everywhere. She had learned that if the bag comes out - she gets to go.  Over the weekend I was heading out without her and taking another dog - and she didn't like that idea. I hear the sound of something dragging along the floor - and there is she pulling her back into the middle of the living room. She got to come along after all...

Kenney also commented one day that he was annoyed that I kept leaving my shoes all over the living room everyday - and wondered why I started doing that. Turns out Ren was dragging my shoes into her bed when I left the house without her (similar to how the toys are surrounding her in the picture).  It was great timing getting her when I did, and its great to have a young dog in the house.